That Death Metal hellucination was called Divide & Conquer. It was released by a greatly talented band, Fleshtized, hailing from the bowels of Alabama. Lately in 2001, they released a full-length Here Among Thorns. A piece of extreme Death Metal proficiency and all senses crushing intensity. The band called it quits which was a major disappointment at that time because, of the younger generation of extreme Death Metal bands, there was no other band that had potential and skills like Fleshtized. It was 3 or 4 years later, when Convergence From Within with Fleshtized’s Gary White behind the kit put out an album Only The Strong. A great stab of vigorous Death Metal art. I’ve listened to Only The Strong ever since. But again the band called it quits as well. That felt wasted. Out of nothing, sometime in 2005-06, one of the best news, I could’ve ever hoped for, hit the earth from below. Fleshtized were back! Although this turned out to be a short-lived return, the 3 song promo that they had left behind really made the litosphere move yet there remained only silence and desperation again. Bands like Fleshtized doesn’t appear every day, simple as that. Later on I’ve found out about Chaos Inception with Gary White bringing the artillery assault back, Matt Barnes - ex-Fleshtized - was in on guitar as well and Cam - ex-Spinecast - on bass. Dammit! The quartet was completed with Chris White on vocals. All the bad things serve for good ones in a way and Chaos Inception have proved that. All I can hear from the samples is nothing but pure extreme blasphemous Death Metal brillance at completely blazing speed & brutality!!! Extremity which is complex engough and will just make the fake Death Metal kids cry for music structure & slower paces. Yet this bombastic blast flooding carnage of supreme Death Metal art delivers music in its finest shape & spirituality. Their song structures, ideas & skills can be matched just by few. I am anxiously awaiting the day when the album will be released. It’s about to come in fall 2009. One thing is clear, the wait will be worth it, Chaos Inception have confidently conquered my Death Metal top, that’s actually where they do belong.
Hail the new blood!
Originally conceived in June, 2009.
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Hey Cam! With which musical vision you’ve started Chaos Inception and how was the album material taking its form? It seems the album was written very smoothly over the course of a year in fact, wasn’t it!? I hope you still have your batteries charged and Chaos Inception won’t turn out to be one album band like Fleshtized...
Hey man first off, thanks for the interview and sorry for the delay in getting it back!! Work and school has been crazy!!
Well the CD was written over the course of about 6 months. When the band was formed, Matt and I already had a few songs written, or at least collections of riffs. So it was only a matter of weeks before we had a cohesive setlist down ... we actually played our first show with only 4 original songs. In the very beginning we played a few covers to round out the set. After a few months we had most of the album written. I certainly hope that CI maintains some steam ... all of the members are 100% dedicated, which turned out not to be the case with Fleshtized there towards the end.

How’s it been like jamming with Garry and Matt and putting music together? Are these two musicians any different in a way from what you were used to form your previous band mates?
Playing with Gary and Matt is great, we mesh together quite well. Chris too, of course, is a very seasoned musician and everything flows together nicely.

As for the music, how do you personally find the Chaos Inception music direction new, inspiring and challenging in terms of feeling and way of playing in comparing with what have you experienced in your past bands?
Well in my case, my previous band was Spinecast, which I feel had some good heavy shit, but nowhere near as fast and technical as CI.

How have the roles of each member in the band evolved since band’s inception and how it’s given now aka who appears to be main music writer, arrangements tweaker? Who has taken care over the lyrics content, by the way? I hope to Death lyrics will be as explosive as the music.
Out of the ten songs on the album, Matt wrote 8 and I wrote 2. Matt ends up tweaking most of my arrangements, which is fine because he is the superior musician. We all contributed to the lyrics, but Chris and Matt had the biggest share. Gary wrote the lyrics to “Regicide” and I collaborated with Chris on the two songs I wrote.

The speed! With the musical potential Chaos Inception have in its ranks you are attacking highest speeds in Death Metal while not omitting the song composition superiority at all. How important is it for you not to compromise the speed while still being capable to write songs that have a thrilling sense and not loosing direction? What bpm max did you peak on the new album?
Gary and I have long been a fan of what many people consider “excessive blasting.” We had talked about wanting to have a band that was blast-centric since the mid 90’s. We certainly strive to maintain (or exceed) a level of speed similar to bands like Origin, Krisiun, and Hate Eternal. A lot of people want to talk shit on bands like us because there is “no soul” or some such BS, but take a look at the success of the 3 bands I just mentioned. I think they are doing just fine. Since you asked, the peak BPM was on “The Scourge Infinitum.” I believe it was 244 (one footed at that) but no not quote me on that.

And also how about the guitar shredding velocities how much pushed Matt himself in that field on the record, the competition & motivation over there is quite strong, isn’t it, ahah?
Matt can certainly shred it up...his sweeping in particular is great on the album.

Could you say what are the most extreme songs on the album, you know those songs you went just wow when you were writing them since you just broke up into a space you didn’t think it was possible to? Did something like this happen or was composing of the new material a completely pro executed Death Metal dexterity? What songs are you looking forward to play live and why? You will have to come to Europe, Cam!
I would say that “Regicide” and “Pig Flesh Decimator” are the most extreme songs, based on the quantity of blasting. Both songs are probably 95% blast. I love it. Our current live setlist IS the album, so I look foward to playing them all!!! And yes we would love to play Europe, perhaps in time!!

Which bands are the real pioneers of the extreme speed in Death/Black metal and their contribution to the genre is sort of decisive for Chaos Inception?
In my opinion:
Morbid Angel (their early influence on every member of CI is strong, fuck what any haters say, Morbid Angel are to be credited with much of what makes death metal great.).
Hate Eternal (King of all Kings, really took it up a notch.). Vader, Origin, Krisiun, Behemoth.

While the speed supremacy is mainly a priviledge of the US/Brazil bands, what you think of the Scandinavian old DM classics, do you find this style, legacy of certain bands any beneficial for Chaos Inception?
I personally dont listen to a lot of old Scandinavian stuff, so I can’t comment.

Generally said, aside of the speed and extremity, how much attention you pay to musical elements which could and make Chaos Inception’s music more diverse – the Mithras-like solo overtones in Collision With Oblivion or Morbid Angel soulful soloing. Where are all these inspiration coming from? Do you see some more potentionally undiscovered fields for the Death Metal genre to go aside of speed?
I think the most important things for death metal bands is to just write good songs. There’s so much fucking garbage out there.

The sound of the album doesn’t seem to be harsh as the demo Collision With Oblivion track had or generally Spinecast/Flestized/CFW productions were but it’s even more dark and huge, this was pretty much aimed I guess, but could you explain it a little bit more why have you avoided of that kind of sound and what were you looking for ?
By the way, is there any explanation why Fleshtized, Spinecast even Convergence From Within sounded kind of similar on their albums, those marks of strange harsh raw sound these bands went for. Nothing wrong about that, I love it, just out of curiosity.

Well the difference in the production is because this was the first project we recorded at Stargate Studios with Lance Wright. The previous stuff had all been recorded at a different studio that, while decent, was not set up for death metal. Lance is a death metal musician and fan himself, and it shows in his production. Regarding the sessions, we recorded everything to a were actually recorded first, then drums, then bass, then vocals. Everything took about a month, but most of that was Matt going back and tinkering with stuff, trying different sounds, and messing around with re-amping. Gary recorded the drums in 2 days, and I recorded the bass in a day. Most of the drums were done in one take.

As I sort of more or less follow you since the Spinecast debut you seem to be switching instruments a little bit. Why have you retired playing drums in Spinecast after the 1st album by the way and switched to guitar? How have it come you pursue quite a variety of instruments? Are you able to play another instrument besides guitar/bass/drums?
I switched from drums to guitar because I wasn’t really that great of a drummer. I just started drumming for fun and it kind of evolved into me playing drums in Spinecast full time. At the time, Lance was playing guitar in Spinecast and he was a great drummer, so we just swapped out. We traded gear and everything. So now Im pretty much just playing bass full time, but I still spend a lot of time on the guitar, just messing around as well as writing.

Momentarily what instrument are you focusing the most on in terms of mastering & improving it technically and compositionally as well? You know, those smaller things you feel need to go better.
Bass, without a doubt. On the next album I plan to do more in-depth stuff.

Generally what’s the drive which keep you going and pursue the Death Metal territories on? Why is the Death Metal genre, music in fact this worthy for you?
Death metal has appealed to me since I was 11 years old. Im 30 now and still love it just as much, if not more. It’s the darkness, the speed, and the challenge.

What you have in store next? What other musical projects or whatever are making you busy? What happened to Spinecast - there was an album planned to be released I think...
I am concentrating all my musical efforts on CI right now... Spinecast is basically no more because the members live in 3 different states. But there is a new band called Kings of the Killing Field which I played bass on, and contains other Spinecast members as well. The debut CD for that just came out.

We are nearing to the end, just run into album release details, how is it looking with the release, how many songs you put together, will there be any surprises on the album - ‘some’ cover? At which point – label, artwork - are things ‘stuck’ now?
Everything is done for the album, it is all in the label’s hands at this point. It is supposed to be out in a matter of weeks. There are no covers on the album....just 10 originals. (News is, the album will be out in fall -ed.)

Your opinions on those albums:
Cannibal Corpse – Eviscerated Plague: I was pleasantly surprised by this album ... it’s their best since Vile IMO.
Monstrosity – Millenium: One of my favs of all time ... so tech but so catchy. Jason Morgan is such a good guitarist.
Origin – Antithesis: My favorite album by them. The non-stop wall of snare and double bass is awesome.
Hate Eternal – Flames & Fury: Solid album, but I prefer King of all Kings.
Ulcerate – Everything Is Fire: From what I heard on Myspace i like it a lot. I plan to pick the album up at some point.
Krisiun – Apocalyptic Revelation: Love it, and probably my favorite Krisiun album. I have a signed copy LOL.
Morbid Angel – FFF: My third fav from them behind Covenant and Blessed. The atmosphere and speed on FFF is great.
Immolation – Close To A World Below: Not my fav ... I like Failures much more.
Fleshtized – Here Among Thorns: Awesome, and totally underrated. One of my top 10 albums of all time.
And if there was one more album you could add yourself, which one it would be?
Vader - De Profundis: Way ahead of its time in terms of speed and songwriting. Such a great album.

Thanks for the time, Cam! I hope Chaos Inception will fucking rise and reign! You truly deserve it for all the years devoted to extreme music whilst perfecting your skills and talents! As my friend Olivier is saying for years - Death Metal Eternal! Hails!
Thanks a lot man.