Resurgency from Greece recorded a demo entitled "Dark Revial" in 2010. Really powerful art of Death, strong in its musicianship and spirituality. May it lasts forever so. The material was mind blowing enough for me to put few basic questions together. The band has certainly heard old Sinister and Brutality recordings more than just once and not just those two bands. The new album "False Enlightenment" is coming out in May, 2012. Read on and support this killer art of Death!
Interview conducted in February, 2011.
(I apologize that it took so much time to post this scripture.)

"The only thing, that you might call evolution or progression,
is the inspiration and creativity process."

Hail DEATH METAL! Resurgency sounds completely the way I like, itís intense art, full of violent, dark, blasphemous savagery with haunting solos of obscure Death while still retaining a very intelligent and mature states of how you are delivering such devastating music! What great power has made you to reinvent the metal of Death that can be heard on Dark Revival? What is the concept behind the band and its origin?
HAILS! from Resurgency, and thanx for the interest that you show to our music! All started by a mutual interest in old school Death metal and its aspect and expression. That was the motivating power that made us create this band, as the ďtruthĒ we see in music from our point of view. The concept behind all this is what we call resurrection of the past and the forgotten and the will to play music presenting it.

What does Resurgency mean to you? Why the name, Resurgency? It sounds completely fitting, like an obligation to an intention of a Death Metal rejuvenation and evocation of eternal spirits of Death Metal!
Actually we had a huge problem finding a name that could express fully what our music is all about. Resurgency came out as the one forfilling it as it means revival-resurrection, in this case the rejuvenation and evocation of eternal spirits of Death Metal like you mentioned!

Is Dark Revival your first demo? It sounds incredibly professional in every aspect. The sound, musicianship, songwriting. Do you have past experiences from any other Death Metal bands? Where have you gained your skills? How often have you practiced and how long did it take before you made the last final steps to finalize the four tracks?
Yes Dark Revival is our first demo. We all come from other death metal bands (Necrovorous, Stagnate and more...) and been a long time in the extreme metal scene. The demo was recorded after a year of existence practising in our own rehearsal studio. Among the 10 tracks that we composed so far, 4 of them are included in our demo after a preproduction that took place in our studio.

No one could really wonder if Dark Revival would be recorded in Morrisound studios it really sounds like if the ancient Death Metal masters (Brutality, Eulogy, Morbid Angel, early Monstrosity, Malevolent Creation /Retribution rules!/) at their best were back. Where did you record the 4 tracks? The sound is incredibly authentic, it just forces me to listen to the demo over and over. How have you achieved such sound and are you going to stick with it or do you think of going more into the modern-flashy way of sound?
Dark Revival was recorded, mixed and mastered in Incorporated M Studios here in Athens by Bill Pappas. Bill did an amazing job as he understood exactly how we wanted our sound to be, grabbing immediately the feeling of our music. Soundwise for the future we are aiming to stick on this, as it is for us how death metal should sound. Chaotic, violent and totaly devastating...


What are the responses so far? What do you think of the result? Has the demo fulfilled what you wanted to accomplish with it? Where do you want the band to move on?
The responses so far are very good. As you know we self released this demo and did what was possible to promote it. Generaly the feedback from people that have listened to the demo was pleasing. At the moment we are in a label hunt and already talking with some of them as we have 10 songs ready for a debut album. The goal of the band is to keep on expressing ourselves through death metal as it is a way of life for us.

The closer of Dark Revival is an instrumental Atmosphere In Chaos. Have you decided to close the material with an instrumental song intentionally? Why so? Do you think you can manage to create a better atmospheres using your instruments than just using and ending the release with ambient/keyboard stuff only?
We thought its the best ending for the demo. Atmosphere In Chaos is exactly what the title means. A hallucinative vibe, like getting lost in a black core of madness, leaving a dark feeling behind ... thatís why we used a hint of keyboards to make it more efficient. Its an outro for the demo but an intro of whatís to come... is for us how death metal should sound - chaotic, violent and totaly devastating...

What has got you into Death Metal? How much and how long are you into the old Death Metal tradition? What does it mean to you? You certainly have many bands that have influenced you. You can name them now.
Influences vary in the band. From US Death Metal till frozen Finish death metal and more. Bands like Brutality, Gorguts, Morgoth, Autopsy, Deicide, Unleashed, Demilich, Utumno, Morbid Angel, Immolation, Napalm Death, Suffocation, etc. got us into death metal and made us follow their steps and play such music. We are many years fans of this genre and we think its the ultimate way to state what we stand for.

Death Metal has always meant to be obscure, diabolical & evil. What do you think about the new wave of predominantly technical bands which have put everything Death Metal means into dust and turned out to be just cheap, soulless technical outbursts? Or the so called (death)core driving influences from Death Metal? Do you see any reason why Death Metal shaped that way?
Well, all has to do with the music industry and money we think. Itís like a fashion that victims follow even if its not what they really feel. Seems like a big grinder mixing everything inside just to sell and become well known. For sure there is an evolution (depending how you see that) in music like in everything in life, and bands that present it are very good and real at it, but these are counted few. We believe that a 5 notes riff with feeling is more than a 25 complex, fast and technical one with nothing to express. We donít judge anybody cause in the end its a matter of taste, but at least we keep it this way. For Resurgency counts the feeling and not to prove that we are hi-tech musicians...

Would you agree that the real skills to compose real hymns of Death Metal, which crush anything weak, seems to disappear by the new generation? It seems everyone just wants to be cool, open-minded and have fun but those people lack of focus, dedication and passion and also a will to sacrifice to the music, but I think Death Metal is kind of a priviledge to play and listen and not everyone can get into it with whole heart and soul. What do you think when looking at the uninspired bands and open-minded wimps in the current scene? What is the scene like in your area?
Difficult question to answer. We believe its totally personal what you listen and what you play. The right people for the right music is our belief. I think you understand the meaning of this. Death metal speaks for itself and for the ones who really feel it. In Greece the scene is pretty limited, so there is still an old school character kept. Death metal here is not so wide, and promoters donít really speak the word for it considering exceptions of course. There are bands that managed to reach a respectful level, but believe it its very hard to achieve such a goal...


What does the term evolution and progression means to Resurgency as a Death metal band?
There is not such a term for us. Only that as long as we feel weíre gonna write and play music that speaks for us. The only thing, that you might call evolution or progression, is the inspiration and creativity process.

Where do you see Death Metal as such heading in the next, upcoming years? Which bands, do you think, nowadays are staying true to the roots and are making true Death Metal standing still proud and worthwhile?
No one can predict the future. Music is changing, people are changing but we strongly believe death metal wonít be lost. There is a few bands we can mention but more that released stuff after many years and have nothing to do with what they were. So, we wait and see...

Except the worship of everything obscure, many Death Metal bands have always portrayed philosophical and existential depth to their music. How important is this for Resurgency? Could you describe the way of Antinomian Left Hand Path thinking and how it mirrors through your music and lyrics?
The Occult is for sure one of our main influences. The Darkness and all the hidden truth behind the lines of society, religions and life. The Unknown and the ways to reach it is also a theme in our lyrics, as death and its existence in every shape. Lyrics are written second in our band as music comes first, but both are perfectly combined as a full result of our perception.

Death metal speaks for itself and for the ones who really feel it.

How about Resurgency and playing live? What was your first ever gig like? How tight the bands was and with whom and where did the gig take place?
Our first gig is gonna take place 27 of February 2011, so weíre gonna let you know then what happens! But considering from the rehearsals the band is tight as fuck!

Do you have any merch available, is the demo already available on some format?
Yes the demo is available in a CD format. You can contact us in our site ( for further information. (The demo is out as a split CD w/Desolator - ed.)

How do you see the future? What plans and achievements stand there for Resurgency? Is there a possibility of a debut album coming out?
The plans we got is to play gigs and promote our music to the ones that are into it. As we told you before at the moment we are searching for a record label,and we are ready for a full length release if all goes well.

Thanks a lot for your time! Keep Death Metal true & alive! It canít be stopped, NEVER!
Thanx for the interview and support man! Keep it Sick...

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